Children-This Reach Group teaches and reaches children and youth of all ages. Its aim is to give young people foundational truths of God and His Word.  It focuses on answering the questions of life that give meaning and purpose to youth as they are discovering what life is all about.  Questions like: “Who am I?”  “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “Who is God?” “Does He know me?” “Can I know Him?”  The goal of the group is to motivate and ignite passion for the things of God in the heart of children and youth.  Knowledge of the Word is essential and prayer is a must.  Youth are encouraged to bring their Bibles and their friends with them to this group.  There is always a time in the Word, prayer and fun games that emphasis the lesson plan.  

WOMENistry - This Reach Group is designed for Woman of all ages; all who attend this Reach Group must be a female/woman. The goal of this group is discipleship in godliness in every area of life and to empower woman with biblical truths that transforms lives.  Titus encourages the aged women of the church to teach the younger women, so we encourage the young and younger women to participate in this group.  Relationship building is encouraged with accountability and to build a sisterhood of righteous women who win in life.

Life PartnerThis Reach Group is designed for married couples and pre-marital/engaged couples.  The focus of this group is to strengthen couples in biblical foundational truths for marriage and family teaching principles that address life issues that threaten “oneness” in marriage.  It encourages prayer and devotions in the Word for couples and the daily practice of acts of kindness.  We encourage couples who are challenged in their marriage and threatening divorce to attend this group. This Group meets once a month for about 3 hours.  One hour of fellowship (usually around food), one hour of lesson plan and one hour of practical application and discussion.  

Joint  Heirs Fellowship Church​

MENistry-This Reach Group is designed for men of all ages; all who attend this Reach Group must be male/man.  The goal of this group is discipleship in manhood embracing the biblical truth that Manhood and Christ-likeness is synonymous.  Young men are encouraged to attend this group with their Fathers as they learn the value of Sonship under God. Inherent in this Reach Group is discipleship of aged men teaching the younger men how to serve and reverence God in their manhood.  Fatherless young men are also encouraged to attend this group because it is in this group that a young man can identify with Godly men connect with a Godly mentor. 

Ministries @ the Joint