Disaster Relief Houston 2017

Giving By FAITh

Operation Ground Boots is an outreach of Joint Heirs Fellowship Church to assist  Seniors, Single Parents and those with Disabilities with disaster recovery.  We assist in the primary removal of debris (carpet removal, water ruined types of furniture,  appliances, etc) and clean-out of flooded houses.  Our crews are a collaborative effort of churches and community members whose aim is to work as the first responders to get the bad stuff out and make homes ready for Adjusters, Estimator and Demolition teams.  Our services will include photos of the damage and debris and heavy trash curbside hauling.   

Your donations to this fund will be used to help people affected by the Hurricane Harvey.  Donate today!  

JOB 19:25

"Still, I Know That God lives - the One who gives me back my life - and eventually He'll take His stand on earth." (MSG)