Joint Heirs Fellowship Church is a Spirit-filled, multiracial church embracing the love of Jesus Christ and His Grace. We live by Faith in the Word of God and help individuals to discover their purpose and fulfill their God given destiny.  We preach and believe a relevant message that empowers Believers to think and behave biblically and to engage the culture for Christ.  The members of Joint Heirs Fellowship Church are receptive to the Word of God and follow God’s plan for living.   We believe God is raising us up to be committed and knowledgeable disciples and to use our power, abilities, influences, and finances to advance the Kingdom of God. 

Our Philosophy

Faith is not a magic wand and more than what happens on Sunday mornings. It is the Believer's way a life; it is who we are, inside and out. At Joint Heirs Fellowship Church, we believe there is life in the Word of God when we live by faith. We encourage Christ-like living daily by sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone.  We encourage the elevation of the Word of God so every Believer can walk in full authority for victorious living.  We know Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and every Believer should live this way!  

Our Assignment 

To Bring people to Christ,  To Build people to Christ-like maturity, To Equip the Saints for the work of ministry,  To Send trained Disciples to engage and impact the culture. 

Serving God by faith

Our Emphasis

Helping people become fully committed, knowledgeable and engaged followers of Jesus Christ!   (Matt. 28:19-20)